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Turnkey Cooling/Heating Jackets and Tanks

100 gallons to over 30,000 gallons.

Wine,beer, and Juice

KiLR-CHiLR-II Models Available


#1. KiLR-CHiLR IITurnkey” Wine,beer Juice Heating/Cooling Tank.

  • Improved price, performance and retrofitablility

  • Includes

  • Tank

  • Aluminized Wrap Jacket

  • Chiller

  • Models

  • Integral side mounted freon chiller

  • integral stand and freon chiller.

  • Remote located freon chiller.

Cold “AIR” Jackets Retrofit to Stainless Steel Tanks

#2. KiLR-CHiLR-II “Kit”Customer installed” to Make your tank a “KiLR-CHiLR II”

  • Includes Jacket and integral chiller unit

  • Or integral chiller unit and stand.

  • Customized to fit your tank.

#3. KiLR-JaKT “Kit”Customer installed”

Use your own cold glycol supply

customized to fit your tank

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