Stainless Steel Wine Tanks Don't Work


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Stainless steel conducts heat too well ?!

Partial Jackets:

Full Stainless Steel Jackets are:

Processing problems caused by Partial ss Jackets

Whether storing, or fermenting long-term or short-term, local temperatures are “unknown” and very unpredictable in most metal tanks not fully jacketed

It'sChaos Inside stainless tanks!

Frosted Jacketed stainless tank here

Show frost on the tank

I intended to put a beautiful stainless frosted tank here, as an example of the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of jacketed tanks, but could not find any pictures like that any more. I believe they have been reading the Pasco Poly site and are now embarrassed to show the frost which emphasizes the waste stratification and disfunction of partially jacketed stainless tanks.

I wish it were not over 30 years since this first hastily built research tank.

It makes cheap white wine